High Sea Saga


Discover the hidden secrets of the Seven Seas


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High Sea Saga is a strategy RPG that follows the tradition of all Kairosoft games – such as Game Dev Story, Pocket League, and Skyforce Unite! – offering a straightforward, fun, and even addictive experience for all audiences.

In this game you command a privateer ship and can recruit lots of different characters to make them part of your crew. Each crew member has his or her very own characteristics, and can be more or less helpful depending on what task you ask them to do. For instance, some might be better at combat, while others have more to offer in terms of commerce.

Sailing into an adventure is only part of what High Sea Saga is all about. Another important part is customizing and managing your ship. You can set up a variety of canons on the ship's deck, and also add special rooms and cabins on the inside. In short, there are lots of different ways to customize your ship.

High Sea Saga is another excellent game made by Kairosoft. As always, they've created an addictive title with excellent graphics, which can easily become a new favorite among strategy and management games fans.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher